‘Hell Followed’ DOOM DLC available for download on Xbox One and PC

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While some are still trying to recover from the huge blast impact DOOM has had on the video game market following the success of the classic shooter reboot, DOOM has made its second premium DLC available for players on both Xbox One and PC. As you might expect, the new DLC premium pack which is titled Hell Followed features a lot of new content that the player base can enjoy in both single player and multiplayer alike.

Whether you want to give your space suit a demonic vibe, or live the action through the eyes of an actually demon, or just a new way to blast your enemies into oblivion, Hell Followed has something for everybody.

The new DLC’s features include:

  • Reaper, a new weapon players can use to obliterate their foes;
  • Cyberdemonic Armor, a variety of new marine suit customization options that allows players to sport a demonic appearance;
  • Threat Pulse, new equipment that allows players to sense nearby enemies;
  • Cacodemon, a new flying demon that shoots lightning and that you can play as.

Those that find themselves more attracted to DOOM’s multiplayer side can test out their skills against other players on three brand new multiplayer maps, each bringing its own theme and unique elements, both visual and in terms of gameplay, enhancing the overall experience even further.

These new maps are:

  • Argent Breach, a graveyard themed map with big statues and machinery;
  • Molten, a lava themed map with a lava energy extracting factory;
  • Orbital, a space themed map with a robo space station and gravity gameplay mechanics.

If your arsenal seems empty without Reaper and your current space suit feels fallen out of trend, you can buy the Hell Followed DLC for $15, but if you had previously acquired the DOOM Season Pass, which was $40, you will be able to get the new DLC free of charge. The DLC is available for both platforms, PC and Xbox One.



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