HERE Maps App is Working Again on Windows 10 Mobile

by Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
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Remember when users were reporting that HERE Maps doesn’t work on Windows 10 and we told you that it’s probably because new owners decided to remove it from the store? Well, it turns out, we maybe were wrong! HERE Maps works on Windows 10 Mobile again, and is even updated.

The new version of HERE maps goes by the number of But this update is only available for users who already have HERE maps available on their Windows Phone devices. Now, when you try to open the app, it will open normally, instead of telling you that there’s an improved version of the map in the store, and redirecting you to Microsoft Maps.

HERE Maps rep tells us that the app is still unavailable to download from Windows Store due to a ‘technical issue,’ and we still don’t know when (if) it will appear in the store.

The fact that the app is still missing from Windows Store still doesn’t negate our theory about new owner’s decision to remove HERE Maps from Windows Phone platform, and focus on featuring it on their own auto platforms, but the fact that the app is working again is a good sign and could mean that new owners decided to keep HERE Maps on Windows 10 Mobile, after all. Again we don’t have any official info about this situation, as we’re only telling you our theory. Only the time will tell which version of the story is true.

What do you think about all of this? Is this an indication that HERE Maps will completely return to Windows 10 Mobile devices, or the new owners maybe have some unpleasant surprise for us? Tell us your opinion in the comments.

But all theories aside, HERE Maps works again on Windows 10 Mobile, and all users who still have it installed will definitely enjoy using it again.

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