HERE Maps, Drive+ and Transit Now Available for All Windows 10 Mobile Users

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Situation with HERE Maps on Windows 10 Mobile was pretty complicated. First, it was completely unavailable for all Windows 10 Mobile users, then it started to work on Windows 10 Mobile, but only for users who already had it installed. And now, it finally made its full return to Windows 10 Mobile Store, and is available for all users to download and use.

Microsoft is building its own, Maps app, but it seems that HERE Maps is still the number one choice for the majority of Windows 10 Mobile users, so the fact that it is available again will delight a lot of people.

HERE Maps still hard to find!

Actually, the situation with Here Maps on Windows 10 Mobile is still complicated, even though the app made its return to the store. What does it mean? Well, HERE updated its apps some time ago, but also re-listed the app in the store, which means that there are two sets of HERE apps listed, and only one set works.

HERE apps present in the store are HERE Maps, HERE Drive+, and HERE Transit, and all these apps are doubled, but you can guess, one set is Windows 8.1-compatible, while the other, working set is for Windows 10 Mobile.

This can lead to a massive confusion, as users who find Windows 8.1 apps might think that HERE services still don’t work on Windows 10 Mobile, but that’s not the case, as you only need to find the right version.

Names and icons of all apps are exactly the same, the only difference is the OS version. So, if HERE Maps you found says “This app is not compatible with this device,” come back to Search, and look for another version.

It is unclear how Microsoft and HERE plan to resolve this issue, because it’s not a common thing in Windows 10 Mobile Store. Maybe renaming the apps to “HERE for Windows 10,” would help, but on the other hand, these apps are actually old apps with a few bug fixes, so they can support the new OS, which means that they’re not exactly Windows 10 apps.

To make your life easier, we provided a download link to the ‘right’ HERE apps, so you can download them below.


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