Here’s what’s wrong with Microsoft’s new Windows 11 update

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Users who have recently installed Windows 11’s latest update have been reporting a number of problems.
  • Microsoft released the update but it only reached a subset of users who signed up for the Windows Insider Program (WIP).
  • The update is causing issues with a number of printers and seems to be acting as an overheating catalyst.
windows 11 update
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Ever since Windows 11 launched there have been problems. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to deal with updates that break their computer.

It seems like every time an update launches we hear about people having problems and often times Microsoft even has to delay the update due to problems.

A typical update is designed to fix bugs, improve performance and add new features. It’s hard to see how KB5010414 fits that description.

A bunch of issues in the new update

The February release of Windows Update for Windows 11 has been a bit bumpy, and many users have reported that they’re having issues after installing it.

While there’s nothing wrong with installing Microsoft’s updates, this one looks especially risky. With issues with the printer and overheating, it doesn’t seem like the ideal update.

The concerns with the February update are the same as those with most Windows updates. It seems likely that some people will find problems; some people will not.

The good thing is that the updates are not yet rolled out for general availability which is the essence of the Insider Program.

A fix is unlikely at this stage

The main purpose of the Insider Program is to provide early access to bugs so they can be fixed early.

While it’s true that the program has led to a number of problems, including some affecting Windows 11 itself, this has been a huge benefit for Microsoft.

Therefore, any issues reported at the moment will be patched before general availability.

Updates to roll out soon

There are two problems with the update – printer issues and overheating, and for most people, it’s not worth the risk.

These are not the only problematic updates so it is understandable why users may be sceptical about installing them.

If you recall, in January, there were problematic updates that had to be recalled and later reinstated.

It’s not all a bumpy ride

On the bright side, there’s a lot more in store for Windows 11 once these bugs are ironed out in the next update.

You can use Windows 10’s new taskbar to share a window with someone else, and Microsoft is working on an update to mute/unmute calls and chats in Microsoft Teams.

A new version of Notepad has also been added and expect a new version of Media Player.

The drag-and-drop support is also expected to make a grand return among other interesting features on the way.

Perhaps the icing on the cake will be the public availability of Android apps with third-party stores such as Epic Games Store expected soon.

For now, you can hold off on installing the update until the final version is released.

What do you think of the frequent issues with updates recently? Let us know in the comment section below.