Here’s why Microsoft Edge will soon become a no-brainer for office users

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • A new feature is set to launch soon on Microsoft Edge that integrates with Microsoft 365.
  • This new feature joins a list of other features that Microsoft has released in the past.
  • The new feature will likely revolutionize the browser and attract more users.

If you are still hanging on the fence on whether to make Microsoft Edge your default and preferred browser, this news could help you finally make up your mind.

Microsoft is currently testing out a new feature that will introduce integration with the Microsoft 365 suite. Just the other day, the browser received major improvements to enhance its performance.

A new option was spotted in the early-access build that allows users to launch Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents straight from the web.

Insiders first

As always, the feature is only currently available to the Microsoft Edge Insider Canary members. A majority of the features are currently experimental before they are made public. Even so, not all members have access.

For members to access the feature, right-click on an open browser tab and select the “New Office tab” option in the context menu.

No major issues are anticipated in the testing stage, so users should stay put as the functionality will be extended to all soon.

Office coming to Microsoft Edge

Although Microsoft Edge is an excellent go-to browser, statistics show that it still has a long way to go to reach the heights of Google Chrome or other top browsers.

With this new Office integration feature, it is expected to sway more customers the Microsoft Edge way. Microsoft 365 has millions of users, so the switch should equally be tangible.

Microsoft has for a long time emphasized real-time collaboration, especially in this age of remote working, and this feature is a step in the right direction.

The easy access to web-based versions of the commonly used Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will be a great incentive for plenty of users. 

This move also opens up the possibility of expansion for other Microsoft 365 services such as OneDrive, Outlook, and Teams to be included.

Is the integration of Office to Microsoft Edge browser an incentive enough for you to switch browsers? Let us know in the comment section.