Here’s your chance to get the Windows 10 laptops at a steal

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • There is speculation that PC makers are discounting Windows 10 laptops to clear stock.
  • Dell has already announced it will no longer charge shipping fees for Windows 10 PCs.
  • These devices can be upgraded to Windows 11.

If you were in the market looking to get a new laptop but were a little short of funds, here’s a chance to get discounted laptops. With the release of Windows 11 early this month, manufacturers are helter-skelter to get rid of their old stock and make room for Windows 11 devices.

You may recall the launch of new flagship devices such as the Razer ultraportable gaming PC that was released alongside the launch of the new OS. The Windows 11 devices are seemingly more expensive compared to Windows 10 running similar hardware.

Friendly prices

To clear out inventory, a huge discount has been applied to Dell devices running Windows 10. For instance, the XPS 13 model has been greatly discounted and what is even better is that users can upgrade to Windows 11 if they wish to.

Dell has also added an additional incentive that it will not be charging shipping fees for devices with Windows 11. There is also a chance that more discounts could be applied in the coming days.

Big savings

Users are set to make big savings by purchasing the discounted devices. Since Windows 11 already comes as a free upgrade, ordering a PC with Windows 10 then later upgrading to Windows 11 will end up saving them up to $150. 

Alternatively, users can also decide to stick to Windows 10 a little bit longer as they watch things unfold in Windows 11 as a few issues were reported with the latest update. Whatever the case, there isn’t a better time to get a new device than now.

Other manufacturers are also likely to follow suit in order to release more devices into the market that align with the Windows 11 design.

Will you be taking advantage of the discounted PCs? Let us know in the comment section.