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Heroes of the Storm is an online multiplayer game released in 2015 by Blizzard Entertainment. The action game revolves around players battling in an arena. Moreover, Heroes of the Storm features many characters from other Blizzard games such as Overwatch , Starcraft, and Diablo.

The game is based on a battle royale in which 5 versus 5 matches occur; players can also play against computer-controlled characters.  You can choose one of four roles which include; assassin, support, specialist, and warrior. Each of these roles has their strengths and weaknesses which can be exploited to gain an advantage over your opponent.

However, Heroes of the Storm players experience connection problems to game servers such as lags and slow connections. There could also be DDoS attacks on your system which could sour your gameplay experience. Hence, this is where VPN comes in; using a VPN reduces the risk of connection lags and give you secure connection to the game server.

This post will guide you on the best VPN service provider to pick from with detailed information which would guide you on making a choice on the right VPN for Heroes of the Storm that would give you maximum value for money.

Best VPN tools for Heroes of the Storm


CyberGhost (recommended)

vpn for heroes of the stormCyberGhost is a popular VPN with over 14 million users. The VPN is known for their free and paid service which gives security and good choice of servers.  This best VPN for Heroes of the storm offers over 1200 servers across 54 locations in over 50 countries worldwide. CyberGhost gives you sufficient server choice to pick from to connect to Heroes of the Storm servers.

In addition, their servers have good speed and they own their servers which means your connections are routed through their servers which increases performance and reliability. This VPN also has a no log policy and encrypts your data with 256-bit encryption.

However, CyberGhost is a bit pricey compared to other rivals with the premium plan starting at $5.99 which is billed annually and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Check out this guide on how to install Cyberghost and get started as quickly as possible.


NordVPN (suggested)

vpn for heroes of the stormNordVPN prides themselves on their secure connection and has consistently been among the best VPN that bypass geo restrictions. NordVPN is ideal for security-conscious Heroes of the Storm gamer as they adhere to a strict no logs policy which ensures your gaming and browsing activity is not stored on their servers.

In addition, NordVPN offers more than 3000 servers across 70 locations in over 50 countries worldwide. This huge number of servers gives you multiple options to choose from when accessing Heroes of the Storm servers. Although, one major issue about VPN is server speeds but NordVPN is one of the few exceptions offering fast servers which allows for safe and fast connections.

Furthermore, NordVPN comes at a cost of $69 yearly which is around $5.75 per month with a 30-day money back guarantee. This is quite reasonable for the services provided by this excellent VPN service provider. They also accept bitcoin for payments.

    –  Download now NordVPN



vpn for rocket leagueThis popular VPN provider is one of our favorite VPN for Heroes of the Storm gaming as they give excellent service. IPVanish is one of the pioneer VPN services and offers over 1000 servers across 89 locations in 60 countries, this places it at the top tier for server options.

IPVanish also has a good blend of quick servers and secure connection which makes them a very reliable VPN service provider. They offer 256-bit encryption and reroutes your connection through their servers which keeps your connection safe while enjoying your gaming.  Outside gaming, IPVanish also gives great value and you can have up to 5 simultaneous connections on a single subscription.

Their subscription plans offer great value with their annual subscription starting at $58.9 which is equivalent to $4.87  a month and you get a 7-day money back guarantee which is enough time to test their service.

Download IPVanish



vpn for heroes of the stormStrongVPN is one of the oldest VPN in the industry with years of experience paralleled with their quality services. They offer over 600 servers across 62 locations in 26 countries, these servers are strategically placed to ensure you have a server that can bypass any geo-restriction. The VPN is known for their reliability and secure network of connections

Meanwhile, StrongVPN is a good choice VPN for Heroes of the Storm gamers as you get reliability foremost on your connections with state of the art encryption technology. Their servers provide decent speed which makes the VPN a good choice for gamers in regions with poor internet speed as the software automatically picks the fastest server close to you.

Strong VPN premium plan starts at $4.37 per month which is billed annually and comes with a 5-day money back which gives you time to test and review their service.

Download StrongVPN


Private Internet Access

vpn for heroes of the stormAs the name suggests, Private Internet Access focuses more on encrypting and keeping your online activity private. Private internet access offers you over 3000 servers across 38 locations in 28 countries. This gives Heroes of the Storm players’ good option in selecting the best VPN to access the game servers.

An interesting feature about PIA is that; it stops incoming connections to your system if the connection is compromised. In addition, PIA is among the most used VPN among file-sharing online community and are known for their secure connection.

PIA offers good value for money in terms of pricing and you can get the VPN for as low as $2.50 a month which is billed annually and comes with a 7-day money back guarantee.

Download PIA

Enjoy your Heroes of the Storm gameplay with any of the above VPN as they provide a secure reliable connection with good value for money.

Share your experience with us in using any of the VPN for Heroes of the Storm we mentioned above. Feel free to comment below.



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