High fidelity music mode added to Microsoft Teams public preview for meetings

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Microsoft Teams adds yet another new feature to enhance engagement in meetings.
  • The feature was announced in July but is now rolling out to the public preview version
  • The feature reportedly consumes a lot of bandwidth.

The Teams App seems to be Microsoft’s baby at the moment with all the attention it has been getting lately. Just a few days ago, Microsoft released a new Teams feature that is designed to keep frontline officers on the move.

If you recall back in July, a high-fidelity Music mode feature was unveiled that was aimed at improving the quality of music when streaming during calls.

Finally rolling out

The wait is officially over as Microsoft is finally rolling out the music feature to the public preview version on the Teams app.

According to Microsoft, the release will give users access to optimize audio settings automatically while on a Teams call. This is expected to offer listeners an enhanced sound experience. 

New audio experience

Microsoft will also auto-adjust the audio bitrate depending on the available bandwidth. It might go as low as 48 kbps but still deliver top notch quality.

If you would like to enable this new feature on your device, navigate to Settings >> Devices then turn on the “High fidelity music mode” option. 

Users have the option of turning off echo cancellation if needed while on music mode. When this option is enabled, users can click on the music mode icon and transmit high-quality music to their online audience.

This feature comes highly recommended for music teachers conducting online lessons, artistes doing live performances or simply streaming non-speech content. 

Microsoft recommends that you disable the feature if you are on regular Teams calls and meetings to preserve bandwidth and limit background noise.

Does this new feature meet your audio needs? Let us know in the comments below.