HMRC releases app for Windows 10 Mobile to keep your taxes in check

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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HMRC stand for the HM Revenue and Customs and people living in the UK will be glad to hear that they have created a mobile app that will aid in completing different tasks pertaining to their tax credits. This is a great tool to have as it can really smooth out the whole process, not to mention get the institution with the times. We live in a world where everything is connected and mobile apps are used for virtually any task one might think of, so there’s no reason why HMRC wouldn’t also benefit from such facilities.

Currently, their app only performs basic tasks but with the promise that in the future, it would be able to do much more after more updates are applied. Let’s see what users can achieve right now with the HMRC app:

  • Stay informed with the latest information regarding HMRC;
  • Keep an eye on the forms you’ve sent to HMRC and get their status;
  • View your credit calendar and when the next payment for your tax credits is scheduled for;
  • Have a remote window to your tax account.

HMRC admitted to updates being delivered in the future, so whilst the app is pretty bare right now, it will benefit from a lot of new functions in time, even if it’s already pretty functional as it is. The app also used to have a tax calculator, but it was removed so that the developer can better tune it and bring it to an optimal condition. This leads us to believe that the tax calculator might be one of the first new features to be added to the app on top of what’s already available now.


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