HoloLens receives new holograms and better sound in loud environments

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After expanding the HoloLens market last year, the privileged owners are now able to install a preview build of the forthcoming Windows10 Redstone 4 update. The previous set of updates came with the Anniversary Update back in 2016, but hopes are the future updates will not take so long to come.

The gear remains a top price development kit, although a price drop was expected to align with the competition. Microsoft is still focused on the enterprise market and developers have already been building ultra-modern holographic experiences for the HoloLens courtesy of Universal Windows Platform.

New share features for HoloLens

Among the new features on this build, we notice that users can share devices at various locations and workplace. This is done by changing Wi-Fi network before sign-in to enable another user to sign in with his or her AAD user account for the first time.

It’s also easy now for a HoloLens user who set up the device with a personal Microsoft account to add a work account (AAD) and join the device to their MDM server.

The Holograms and Photos apps have been updated and you can now hear HoloLens better in noisy environments with the improved audio immersion. The sound from applications will be obscured by real walls detected by the device, which brings more realistic qualities to the sound.The list continues with the following new features:

  • Share a HoloLens with multiple AAD users, each with their own user settings and user data on a device.
  • Mail Sync without MDM enrollment
  • Spatial mapping improvements
  • Automatic selection of focus point based on depth buffer
  • Holographic reprojection modes
  • App tailoring APIs
  • 2D app horizontal resize with reflow
  • Expanded voice command support
  • Improved mixed reality capture
  • Auto-placement of 2D and 3D content on launch
  • Fluid app manipulation

Find the full list of features and instructions posted on Microsoft official docs here.

Installing the preview build goes smoothly for experienced users

Otherwise, you might find it a bit complicated. This is because on HoloLens, installing this preview will erase all of your content and restore your device to factory settings. Microsoft gives full instruction on this as it is different than the normal Insider Preview builds on a desktop.

installing rs4 preview build on Hololens

Download the setup package and follow the instructions detailed by Microsoft here.

If you encounter any problems with this preview you can file a bug in Feedback Hub and re-flash your device. There was an issue reported by few users regarding Windows Insider Program settings on this build.

Microsoft just rolled out the new Windows 10 build 1733 for the desktop version, while the HoloLens build 17123 was announced two days ago on the Windows Mixed Reality Developers Forum. We’ll keep updating with the new releases.

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