HoloLens Companion App Streams Video to your Windows 10 PC

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The future is bright for virtual reality! Although still unavailable for the majority of users, virtual reality headsets surely draw a lot of attention wherever they are presented. And Microsoft, as one of the biggest companies in the world, definitely wants to be a part of such a huge innovation, not just in technology, but also in humans’ everyday life.

So, the company presented its own VR device, called HoloLens, which brought virtual reality, an advanced technology by itself, to a whole another level. HoloLens is not an ordinary virtual reality device that simulates the whole virtual world in front of your eyes, but it mixes actual reality with virtual reality, by projecting holograms.

HoloLens Companion app now available

Since HoloLens is just a headset device, it doesn’t feature a lot of buttons for controlling, so performing some actions might feel awkward. Luckily, Microsoft thought about that, so the company presented the new HoloLens Companion app for Windows 10. The app works perfectly on both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, and you can download it form the Store, for free!

With HoloLens Companion app, you can easily perform some basic actions, like downloading media from internet. There’s also an option for streaming from HoloLens to another device, which is great for big events, like conferences, but can also serve in more casual variants, like sharing your HoloLens experience with your friends.

holo lens windows 10 companion

There are a couple more HoloLens apps available, to make your use of Microsoft’s VR headset easier. For example, Holo Studio allows you to build your own 3D objects, while HoloTour is using 3D projections to simulate a virtual trip, for even more amazing experience.live stream hololens companion

HoloLens is already available for pre-order, but in a form of a developer kit. The device costs $3000, and it will start to ship on March 30th. Is there anyone of you planning to buy HoloLens, and experience the amazing world of virtual projections? Let us know in the comments.


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