HoloLens is not for gaming says former Microsoft engineer

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Due to many of the HoloLens demonstrations from Microsoft and the talks of supporting the Xbox One, many have come to believe the device will support the gaming space in a big way, but it appears this is not the case, at least, not at first.

No doubt, the HoloLens augmented reality device has a lot of potential when it comes down to being a video game centric machine. However, the games we have seen thus far are not interesting enough to warrant a huge marketing campaign that would be centered around that ability.

Chances are, these game would not be successful on the Xbox One or even on Windows 10. And with Sony pushing hard with its PlayStation VR device, we do not see how the software giant can compete on the same level with the lackluster games shown running on HoloLens.

That is why we were not surprised when Michael Hoffman, a former principal engineering lead at Microsoft who worked on HoloLens project, said that the augmented reality device is not gaming focused. It’s not even a device for the wide consumer market, so that’s something many fans may want to think about.

“It is an enterprise device,” said Hoffman. “There is clearly a gaming potential there but they don’t want to put this out there as an Xbox extension, because then nobody will say, yes, we can use this in our conferences, in our warehouses, in our hospitals. It’s wise to limit gaming early on.”

That’s right folks, Microsoft is focusing on the enterprise market early one, then everything else should fall into place once that market has been conquered.

It makes us wonder if HoloLens will ever support the current version of the Xbox One. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, once talked about changing the way how new consoles are released. The question is, could HoloLens supports an upgraded Xbox One? We believe that could be the case since the current console is lacking in power, and might not be able to deliver quality HoloLens video games in ways Microsoft would want.

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