Take a virtual trip with new HoloTour Windows 10 app for HoloLens

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Microsoft is getting ready to launch its very first virtual reality device, the HoloLens. Along with the new device comes a handful of software and apps to make that device more functional. After we reported on the HoloStudio and HoloLens Companion app last week, another HoloLens-compatible app appeared in the Store.

Walking Cat shared on Twitter that he discovered the HoloTour in the Store today, an app which simulates travel with the HoloLens. Unlike the above-mentioned apps for HoloLens which Microsoft described in detail, we still don’t know a lot about HoloTour — probably because the app is still in its development phase.

It is believed that Microsoft will reveal more details about HoloLens and its bundled apps, including HoloTour, at this years BUILD conference. It take place at the end of this month, so as soon as we have more details we’ll update you.

What we know about HoloTour so far

HoloTour is going to be a part of the HoloLens Development Edition bundle, along with HoloStudio and a companion app. The app allows HoloLens to project a virtual 360-degree trip to some of the most beloved locations on the planet, like Rome or Machu Picchu.

HoloTour also provides textual info about sights, mostly objects and monuments seen on the virtual tour. Additionally, while running HoloTour, HoloLens will simulate the sounds of the city or a location being presented, so users will have a more visceral feeling of actually being there.

holotour hololens app

The virtual assistant present when using HoloTour will be Melissa instead of Cortana, like you’re probably  used t. In addition, you’ll be able to use your gaze, gesture, and voice to naturally interact with your surroundings. As for available locations, Microsoft has only mentioned Rome and Machu Picchu for now, but we’re sure that more breathtaking destinations will be eventually added.

For now, HoloTour is only available for developers who have sprung for the HoloLens package, but the product will launch to everyone else sometime this year. Microsoft is now working on apps compatible with this revolutionary device, so developers will have more room to deliver even better abilities to HoloLens.

As we said, the app is already available in the Store, but you won’t be able to download it if you don’t have the HoloLens device


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