There’s an Open Source app that shuts down NordVPN when you play online

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Pausing your VPN when you play online and unpausing after can get tedious really fast.
  • However, now there is an Open Source app that can do this for you, only for NordVPN.
  • The software is allegedly working for games such as Forza, Battlefield 4, and PGA Tour.
  • If you also want the NordVPNgamingfix on your PC, you can download it from GitHub.
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Yes, we’ve all been there, trying to play our favorite game online, but the VPN we’re using won’t actually let you join your fellow players in the online world.

We’re talking about NordVPN in particular, although we’re pretty sure that this can happen with any other VPNs as well, so we’re not saying it’s a bad thing.

These are security measures for VPNs, but they sometimes get in the way of our online gaming, which for many is a major turn-off.

So, instead of shutting it down when you want to play and turning it back on when you’re done, you can use an Open Source app that was just developed.

Before we proceed, keep in mind that this is not an official NordVPN product, and has been created by a freelancer user that is in no way affiliated with the company.

You can find NordVPNgamingfix on GitHub

Not all games require you to turn off your VPN in order to play online. However, those that do, make us go through the same tedious process over and over again.

Now, Reddit user Iam_a_Honeybadger informed the entire community that he managed to perfect an Open Source app that does that for you.

As the developer mentioned, it fixes online instances for games such as Forza, PGA Tour, if you’re into some serious golfing, and also Battlefield 4.

We’re sure that many of you will actually find this helpful, especially if you too are bored of doing these little tweaks every time you want to play an online game.

This application is designed for Pausing NordVPN when playing specific online games that conflict with NORDVPN. I would always forget to turn back on Nord. This app automatically reconnects to the VPN upon the game closing.

The app itself, along with all the necessary details, can be found on GitHub, and it was generically called NordVPNgamingfix.

So, if you were looking for a software tool to do these petty tasks for you, look no further than the solution we showed you.

Is this a tool you would use on your PC, to avoid having to fiddle with NordVPN when gaming online? Let us know in the comments section below.

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