HP Elite X3 lets users customize Double Tap to Wake

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HP Elite X3 will bring a new Settings app, allowing users to enable the Double Tap to Wake feature. Although this might not seem much, it can be really useful for people who don’t want to reach for the power button every time they need to use their phones.

HP now allows for more customization of the app. Users can select the tap sensitivity and the duration between the taps. For this they will have a scale with levels from 1 to 5 or they can even disable the feature completely. This is great because it lets you select whatever level you’re comfortable with, but at the same time, it prevents you from accidentally unlocking the device.

HP Elite X3 is set to be released in a week’s time. However, it is rumored to come with a very high price tag, which leads experts to believe that it will be a success mainly among enterprise users than regular users. These would benefit more from the advanced options the device offers, such as the  virtualization service made possible through the HP Workspace app and the Continuum for Phones feature.

HP Elite X3 is expected to be one of the most popular devices this year and this feature seems to attract more and more attention. Many users are glad HP has introduced the double tap to wake feature on this phone model, as Microsoft has actually neglected it on its recent Lumia models.

Another interesting feature is the ability to prolong the timeout for up to 3 hours. Also, if you keep the device tilted, it will wake up, which is useful when you need to work fast with it. There is also the HP Device Hub, which lets you diagnose and support the device remotely.


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