HP Elite x3 now 5 percent cheaper in the UK, available for 706 pounds

by Ivan Jenic
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A few weeks ago, Microsoft made HP’s upcoming Windows 10 Mobile flagship device, the Elite x3 available for pre-order in its UK online store. The original price for this device in Microsoft’s UK store was slightly higher than at other places online, so the company decided to cut the price, in order to convince more people to buy the upcoming flagship phone from their site.

Microsoft originally listed the HP Elite x3 for £749 at its UK store, a couple of weeks ago. But now, the price has been cut by 5%, and the device is now available for the price of £706.80. With the new price tag, Microsoft matched its offer with the offer from HP.com, as both deals now cost £706.80.

HP ships the Elite x3 as a part of the HP Elite X3 Business Pack, which features the phone itself, along with the continuum dock. HP Elite x3 originally costed £706.80 on its own, with the Desk Dock being sold separately, but HP eventually decided to sell both items in one package.

According to HP, the Elite x3 Windows 10 Mobile phone will be released on August 22. We hope it will indeed be the case, because we already had a few false alarms about the release date in the past, and another delay is not what users anticipating for this device want.

If you’re living in the UK, and you want to pre-order your HP Elite x3, you can do so from Microsoft’s UK store, for the price of £706.80 (including VAT).


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