HP’s Omen X VR backpack PC arrives in June

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With every passing day, HP gets closer and closer to giving PC-powered VR a little bit more mobility with its June release of the Omen X VR backpack PC.

PCWorld reported that this backpack PC is going to actually start shipping in two options: one destined for gamers and and another targeted at commercial customers.

Omen X VR backpack PC features and specs

Current VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive are tethered experiences. HP is planning on changing all this with its new device. The company’s Omen X VR backpack aims at providing a more immersive and mobile experience by offering users the opportunity to strap the PC to their backs.

The pack itself boasts a red and black design and weighs in at around ten pounds, powered by two batteries that can be hot-swapped on the fly.The Omen X VR Pack was initially revealed back in 2016 and expected to run an Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU and to feature up to 32GB RAM. We currently don’t have any available information on what GPU we can expect to be shipped along with the Omen X VR Pack.

The device’s pricing also seems to remain a mystery for now, but we’re not expecting under any circumstance that the Omen X VR Pack will be cheap. We’re going to know more on the subject as its June release approaches. Currently, developers have the opportunity to apply in order to test the pack on the HP’s website.



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