HP’s new ProBook 400 series laptops offer 15% more battery life

by Radu Tyrsina
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The ProBook 400 series is for businesses that care about their image and who want their employees to have access to the best features to help them be more efficient. HP made some sacrifices in the past to deliver good performance and a long battery life while maintaining a reasonable weight for its laptops. The newly updated ProBook 400 G4 laptops come with a more stylish design, which will certainly please all HP fans.

The five new laptops that are part of the G4 series are thinner and now comes in the new Asteroid Silver color. The HP logo is reflective and gives a high-end look and at the same time, doesn’t allow fingerprints to be visible. The clickpad is enlarged and features an optimized easy-to-use touch zone. Overall, the exterior of the laptops is resistant to drops, shocks, vibrations, dust and temperature — just not water. Check out more about the laptops below:

  • HP ProBook 430 G4 ($599) – Powered by a seventh generation Intel Core processor backed by 16GB DDR4-2133 SDRAM with a 13.3-inch HD display with FHD touchsceen optional and multiple storage options. This laptop weights 1.49 Kg.
  • HP ProBook 440 G4 ($529) – This laptop is 200 grams heavier, but that’s because it has a larger 14-inch HD display (FHD and touchscreen optional). Its internal configuration is identical to that of the ProBook 430 G4.
  • HP ProBook 450 G4 ($599) – This variant is even larger, featuring a 15.6-inch Full HD display and weighs in at 2.04 kg because of it.
  • HP ProBook 455 G4 ($499) – It has the same screen size as the ProBook 450 G4 and weighs 2.08 kg, but it offers a variant with the seventh generation AMD A-Series APUs. It supports 16GB DDR4-2133 SDRAM, as well.
  • HP ProBook 470 G4 ($749) – This is the largest variant featuring a 17.3-inch HD+ display (FHD optional). It weight 2.63 kg and is as powerful as the other models.

HP claims that its laptops can provide up to 16 hours of battery life, an improvement of 15% compared to previous models.


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