You can buy the high-resolution HP Reverb G2 this fall

by Don Sharpe
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  • HP Reverb G2, which combines superior VR technologies from Microsoft, Valve, and HP, ships this fall.
  • The VR headset offers 2k-resolution lenses, spatial audio, and more. 
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High-resolution Reverb G2

HP Reverb G2, which combines superior VR technologies from Microsoft, Valve, and HP, ships this fall. It costs $599.99, and is available for pre-order in the U.S right away.

HP Reverb G2 offers superior resolution lenses

The new VR headset has numerous practical use cases in areas like training. Such devices are usually ideal for high-risk safety simulations.

Also, it introduces immersive experiences that most gamers will appreciate. On top of that, it supports 3D visualization in design, enhanced engagement, collaboration, according to Spike Huang from HP.

The power of collaboration is on full display with the HP Reverb G2, and alongside Valve and Microsoft, we engineered a no-compromises VR headset that’s immersive, comfortable, and compatible across Windows Mixed Reality and SteamVR.

The futuristic VR headset offers a high-resolution of 2,160 x 2,160 per lens. Valve, the company behind the Steam platform, took part in elevating the clarity and brightness of the lenses.

This resolution is not something new for the headset seeing as its predecessor, Reverb G1, offered the same.

However, it is still a future-proof resolution, the highest standard of lens optics that a VR headset can offer today. So HP did not have to change anything on that front.

Also, the device delivers a 114-degree scope of view.

Apart from that, it inherits key audio aspects of the Valve Index VR headset, which has a lower lens resolution. The spatial speakers are certainly an improvement on what the original Reverb offered.

Plus, the speakers sit at a comfortable distance off your ears (10mm). That gap helps a lot, especially when the viewer wants to still hear ambient sound too.

The headset incorporates Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality. This integration should ensure optimal movement tracking in your VR world or gaming experience. Four cameras are part of this setup.

What are your views about the newly launched HP Reverb G2? Feel free to leave a comment or question in the comments section below.

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