HP creates the most powerful VR Bacpack PC

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Virtual reality is a fragile subject when it comes to applicability because the technology is still yet to be fully developed. To operate a VR machine you usually need to confine yourself to a small space. That’s a deal breaker for many especially for those in the business sector who can’t afford to be literally tied down with a small cable and restricted in what they’re able to do.

The solution might have arrived courtesy of HP, in the form of a backpack PC. If this is the first time you hear about backpack PCs, then you have a bit to learn. Backpack PCs are a great and innovative solution to staying mobile while also having all the power you need, literally on your backpack. You strap it on like you would a vest, and you get to enjoy whatever PC experience you have engaged in.
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Gaming leads the way

HP has been at it for a while now through its Omen line of gaming backpack PCs. It’s only natural that gaming takes a front seat for the newest innovations in the VR department since it’s the sector that benefits the most from VR applicability at the moment.

New business model incoming?

Even though the first backpack PCs used with VR were designed for gaming, HP are now developing a backpack PC that is intended for the business sector. With such a computer, businesses would be able to make use of the VR space for various projects. Overall, it would be a highly beneficial improvement.

Backpack PC specifications

It’s kind of weird to take about the tech specifications of a backpack, but nevertheless, it’s a powerful machine. It comes with no less than 16 GB of RAM and the graphics processing quality of the Quadro P5200 chip from Nvidia. Additionally, it features a Core i7 processing unit that has the vPro featured enabled.

As it was to be expected, the VR experience is supported through either the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift, which remain the leading names in the VR headset industry at the moment.

Pricey entry point

Before you get super excited about the news, you should allow yourself a moment to find out how much it costs first. The entry level version of the Z VR backpack will come with the ambitious price tag of $3300. This price point is definitely questionable especially since there are alternatives for the backpack PC for those that have that kind of money. Getting the HoloLens will set you back $300 less for example.

It will be interesting to see just how HP swings this new product for business and how it will be integrated into the corporation climate. It is also very important to mention that VR for business is currently not the most developed branch of VR, so it might take a while before companies without specific missions will be able to even use these devices at the office.


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