HP Z2 Mini Workstation is a true powerhouse, buy it in December

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Computing prowess and space management are things every company looks into making better, meaning that everyone wants the best performing devices to take up the least amount of space. HP has announced a solution in the form of a mini workstation that incorporates efficient business ethics in a small octagonal box which will manage to impress even the most skeptical users.

The HP Z2 Mini is what they are calling their latest endeavor, and HP created custom parts to fit the device and make sure everything is according to the most optimal build solution, specifically the fan and cooling system. Aside from the custom made parts, they have also contracted the services of top tech suppliers to outfit the device.

The HP Z2 Mini features a Xeon processor from Intel and graphics processor capabilities supplied by NVIDIA. The device also features the HP Z Turbo Drive, which will enhance the product even further.

HP praises itself in creating a unique design for the HP Z2 Mini, claiming that the octagon shaped mini workstation is the first of its kind in HP’s history which, believe it or not, is quite lengthy. HP has been in the workstation business for 35 years. The Z2 Mini also features ISV certification and has been exposed to a total testing period of 368,000 hours.

The device was designed to be silent and efficient and to run Windows 10, which is definitely a plus. The device will be available worldwide starting with in December. The price for this space-saving, efficiency-orientated mini workstation will be $699. Sure, it’s a bit pricey, but it comes with top-tier features to ensure you get what you paid for.



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