Huawei MateBook now up for grabs in UK

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Huawei MateBook

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Huawei has rolled out their voguish design of laptop/tablet MateBook now in UK, with an affordable price range of £749.

Huawei is ascending to tremendous achievements with their debut Windows device after their remarkable release of Huawei P9, which is a massive marketing strategy. This 2-in-1 invention has arguably great significance and is attention-worthy… Why you ask? Well let’s take a look.

The two variations of the hybrid technology that is made available in UK, excluding the top-end 5125GB SSD model are:

Huawei MateBook M3:

  • Internal Ram of 4GB
  • Intel Core M3 processor
  • 128GB SSD internal storage

Huawei MateBook M5:

  • Internal Ram of 8GB
  • Intel Core M5 processor
  • 256GB SSD internal storage

As clearly aforementioned, the device is powered by two Intel’s high-end processors, with the Core M3 Processor being not exactly a flagship processor of Intel, but is just enough to carry out light daily schedules. But not to ignore the speedy boot up of the tablet that is of course a positive feature in all of the MateBook releases. Other than these some miscellaneous characteristics of the device include a stylus which let’s you make use of  features like Windows Ink and let’s not forget the kickstand for the transformation of this 2-in-1 device from tablet to a laptop.

Huawei has decided to include the keyboard attachment for the UK release (after much repercussion) but all the while not including the MatePen, which isn’t available for purchase in the market yet.

You can get these devices at Currys, the M3 is £749, while the M5 is £999. Looks like Surface Pro devices might be up for some serious competition.


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