hueDynamics app for Windows 10 lets you customize Phillips Hue lights

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The Philips Hue smartlights ecosystem is a bit expensive but, at the same time, using it is a piece of cake. hueDynamic is a third-party app targeted at Philips Hue lights that brings a lot of exciting features to the ecosystem. You can now get the app from the Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Mixed Reality and Xbox One.

hueDynamic’s main features

hueDynamic windows 10

You may be wondering what this app brings new compared to first-party apps for Philips. It’s true that first-party apps are great on various platforms which means that hueDynamic has quite a lot to cover in order to replace the default app for the ecosystem.

What this app brings new is basically a complex list of great and useful features. It allows users to turn on and off lights, set scenes, program switches and control rooms of lights. Another great thing about the app is that it doesn’t complicate the straightforward Philips Hue light at all.

You can easily adjust colors of lights via a vast palette, control your light without having to spend tons of time learning the interface and view rooms and groups within the app as well.

hueDynamic windows 10 hues

hueDynamic brings next level features that you can’t find in other apps

Some of hueDynamic’s feature reach beyond the ones flaunted by the first party app and other third-party apps as well. These special and unique features include the ability to sync your lights with Plex and Spotify and to also control the lights for various groups via a single switch.

You can also set multiple actions for Hue Dimmer switches and Hue Tap devices, and you get the ability to sync your lights to whatever appears on your screen.

For only $6.99, the hueDynamic app is definitely worth it due to the vast collection of special features that it brings.



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