Hybrid 2-in-1 devices see record-high sales growth in Western Europe

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Technology consumers are rapidly shifting towards small, portable hybrid devices like convertibles and detachable devices, leaving laptops and desktop computers behind. This is a well-known trend and now solid data from IDC confirms it.

Shipments of ultra-slim convertible and detachable devices to Western European countries saw a 44.7% growth in Q1, which makes up 18.4% of the total shipments in Q1. This behavior is even more interesting considering that the Western European PC and tablet market contracted by 13.7% in Q1, with only 18.2 million unit shipments.

The best-selling devices were detachables by far, having moved 1.5 million units, up from 500,000 units compared to last year. In other words, detachable devices such as the Surface Pro 4 saw an amazing 190.4% growth in one year. These results correlate to Microsoft’s Q1 earnings when the company posted a 61% revenue growth in Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 sales.

Convertible notebooks grew by 12% while PC sales plunged by 12.9%. Taking into account this trend, we can safely assume that Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Book 2 will be a success as it meets market demand for flexible, portable devices.

Customers are looking for solutions that allow for flexibility. […] Convertible notebooks and detachables are the most suitable device to guarantee functionality and mobility at the same time. Both form factors have been well received in the market and have gained momentum across Western Europe.

IDC also expects to see an increase in the adoption of convertibles and detachables among business users:

Adoption among business users is only just starting. […] We expect an acceleration in detachable deployments in the coming months as companies evaluate the new and more powerful commercial designs that have recently been introduced. Interest from enterprises is clear and this form factor seems to be a perfect fit with their mobility strategies.

Windows dominates the combined PC and tablet market, with a 50% market share thanks to the success of Microsoft’s detachable devices. If you are interested in buying a hybrid 2-in-1 device, check out our list with the best Windows 10 hybrids to buy in 2016.



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