Apple silently confirms Windows 11 before the official release

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • Apple plans to share more of its trademark apps and services with Windows users, in the near future.
  • iCloud will also become available, with the condition that the OS it will be running on is Windows 11 or later.
  • Users on Reddit also confirmed that the iTunes 4 app is up and running on their Windows 11 PCs.
  • Among other macOS-specific apps coming to Windows, FaceTime will also make the transition pretty soon. 
iTunes and iCloud for Windows 11

Isn’t it exciting when services from totally different platforms, that have always been competing against each other, come together?

It seems that Microsoft and Apple took a little break from trying to outdo each other, and are now focusing on bringing some of each other’s apps and services in for shared experience.

Recent information available from official sources and social media indicate that we are in for a big treat in the near future.

Apple announces that iCloud is coming to Windows 11 PCs

We’ve recently been talking about another iconic application that is going to be transitioning from the Mac OS to Windows, and Android.

As you can most likely remember, FaceTime is said to soon become part of the Windows family, much to everyone’s absolute delight.

From the latest support document released to the public by Apple, the best news that we take with us is the fact that iCloud will finally be available for Windows users.

The main requirement for users to actually be able to use this service on their PCs is the operating system itself. In order to enjoy iTunes, the running OS must be Windows 11 or higher.

There is no mention of an official release date yet but, with Windows 11 being right around the corner, we can expect this to become available until the end of the year, maybe even early next year.

Even though we have to play the waiting game some more, this is still excellent news, considering that the demand for such features is constantly growing with each year.

iTunes is already up and running for Windows 11 users

Another piece of news that has been circulating around social media platforms has contributed to the already wonderful day that users were having upon discovering Apple’s plans for iCloud.

Apparently, as indicated by a user on Reddit, after installing the first available version of the Windows 11 OS, the newest app available is iTunes 4.

This more than completely unexpected for most of us, but a welcome feature non the less.

Well first of all you can only (easily) have one version of iTunes installed on a PC at a time. So if you have one already you’ll need to uninstall it. To actually install any version of iTunes for windows you literally just run the installer and click through it. No hassle. This is the first version of iTunes for Windows and it worked on a beta perfectly fine lol.

It seems that, with each passing month, the big tech companies decide to share some of the most popular and user-friendly apps with each other, to great results.

Let’s all hope that they keep this up so, in the future, we can enjoy all these cross-platform benefits to suit our every need.

Are you happy with the latest Apple & Microsoft collaborations? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.