Microsoft reveals new ID@Xbox games for Xbox One and Windows 10

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Microsoft’s E3 press conference wasn’t much of a shocker since most of what the company showed off was leaked hours and days before. That didn’t stop the company from giving a solid performance, though, and even several indie games got their chance to shine.

During the conference, Microsoft showed off several ID@Xbox games destined to launch on Xbox One and Windows 10 computers in the near and distant future. Microsoft did not focus too much of its time on indie titles, but the few we saw during the conference got us excited.

One game in particular, We Happy Few, sports a very BioShock-like vibe, one of the reasons why we probably gravitated towards it this much. The design looks great and the gameplay appears solid. Nothing much is known about the story but from what we saw, the main player will be hunted for being different from the rest.

Another game that caught our eyes is something many The Witcher 3 fans have been asking for: the standalone card game of Gwent will either turn out to be something special or something terrible. We’ll find out eventually but for now, this card game looks fun. Gamers will also be able to play each other online.

There were several other indie titles, but Microsoft did not go in-depth. We’re hoping to see more of them at Gamescom later in the year.

Microsoft’s E3 2016 saw the company announce the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio. Both consoles represent the future of Microsoft’s gaming ambitions. The Xbox One S is 40% percent smaller than the original device and comes with up to 2TB worth of hard drive space. Interestingly enough, we understand the drive cannot be replaced, so folks looking to upgrade will be required to attach a USB drive to the console.

As for Project Scorpio, the software giant is calling it the most powerful video game console ever made. This will likely put Sony in a bind because it doesn’t have enough time to respond in kind seeing as its PlayStation Neo is already set in stone where specs are concerned.


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