Best image compression software for Windows 10 [2020 Guide]

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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PNGGauntlet is an image compression software optimized for PNG files. The application allows you to convert other file formats such as JPG, GIF, TIFF and BMP to PNG. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to save images to JPG or any other format except PNG.

This tool uses PNGOUT, OptiPNG and DelfOpt to compress your images, and you can configure each of them individually. Just like with many other tools on our list, you can choose an output directory or overwrite original files. Unfortunately, there’s no preview window available, which is another flaw of this application.

PNGGauntlet is a great application if you want to optimize PNG files, but if you have your images stored in any other file format, we suggest that you try a different app.



PNGOptimizer is another free image compression software. This tool is optimized to work with PNG images, but it can also convert BMP, GIF and TGA images to PNG. This is a simple tool and in order to compress your image, you just need to drag and drop it to PNGOptimizer.

Images are automatically compressed as soon as you add them to the application, but you can change some PNG compression options if you want. Original images won’t be affected, and they will get a prefix so you can easily distinguish them.

This is a simple application with a basic user interface, so there’s no preview window available. If you want to optimize PNG images or images in any other compatible format, this app might be just what you need.


RIOT stands for Radical Image Optimizer, and this is another free image compression tool. This tool is lightweight, but it offers advanced features, so it can be used by both basic and advanced users alike. Regarding the file support, this tool allows you to optimize JPEG, GIF and PNG images. The tool comes with two panes that will show you the original and optimized image. RIOT comes with in-place compare feature that will temporarily replace the original image in the preview pane with the compressed one so you can examine the changes in a single pane.

The tool allows you to change the image quality of JPEG images, but it also allows you to choose different encoding. If you want, you can also perform image adjustments and change brightness, contrast, gamma and other settings. You can also rotate or flip your image if you need to. There’s a resample option available, and you can use it to resize the image using 6 different resampling filters. During resampling you can set desired width or height in pixels or percents and choose to keep the aspect ratio if you want.

Regarding PNG images, you can change the color reduction profile or choose the number of colors manually. In addition, you can change the compression, color quantization or use external optimizers. As for GIF images, you can choose color reduction presets or reduce the number of colors manually. You can also add images to RIOT directly from clipboard, which can be rather useful.

RIOT also comes with a useful option that lets you compress the image to a desired size in KB. There’s also support for batch optimization, so you can quickly edit and compress multiple images at the same time. One thing that we don’t like about batch optimization is the lack of ability to set the desired quality. There’s also no preview window for batch optimization, which can be a problem for some users.

RIOT is a free tool that offers many features for basic and advanced users alike. The lack of quality control and preview option in batch mode can be a problem for some users. Despite those minor flaws this is still one of the best image compression tools on our list.

JPEG Compressor


JPEG Compressor is probably the most advanced image compression software on our list. This application comes with cluttered user interface that might confuse basic users. If you want to quickly compress an image, simply choose one of the presets on the left. You can choose between original, lossless and other compression modes.

The app allows you to customize compression in great detail, and you can change Luma and Chroma compression values. There’s also Detail Quality Equalizer that you can use to fine-tune your image. You can also change values such as Unsharp Masking, Luma Equalizing and many others. If you want, you can crop or resize your image but you can also change color balance, saturation, or brightness along with other settings. You can even set desired size in KB for your image, and it will be automatically optimized.

JPEG Compressor allows you to create your profiles that you can use to batch edit your images. Batch editing allows you to save compressed images in specific folder or add prefix or suffix to them. JPEG Compressor is the most advanced image compression tool, and the amount of settings that you can change is daunting. This tool isn’t designed for basic users, but if you want to fine-tune your images and create custom profiles for batch compression, this is the perfect tool for you. We have to mention that this tool isn’t free, but you can download it and try it free of charge.

Pixillion Image Converter


Pixillion Image Converter is an image converter, but it also comes with basic image compression options. This tool allows you to add multiple images and compress them or convert them easily. We have to mention that this tools supports only basic options when it comes to image compression, but you should be able to change the size of the image along with its quality easily.

You can also rotate, flip, resize or add watermark to your image. Even though compression options are limited, this app supports many different image formats. This allows you to convert your images to one of many supported formats with just few clicks.

This tool isn’t an image compression tool, but it does a decent job. Unfortunately, the preview pane doesn’t show you compressed image, and there’s no information regarding the size of the new file. Pixillion Image Converter is a great tool for conversion and decent when it comes to image compression. This isn’t a free application, so you might have to purchase a license in order to use it.

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