Immersive Reader makes PC apps accessible to people of all abilities

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Immersive Reader Integration in Apps

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Recently Microsoft revealed that developers can now integrate Immersive Reader into their apps via an API. Microsoft will offer Immersive Reader service free of cost during the preview period. 

Apart from that, the Redmond giant announced some new features for its educational tools. These updates are announced at the time when the tech giant is preparing for the ISTE EdTech conference scheduled next week.

Microsoft’s educational tools that received the updates are Teams for Education and Immersive Reader tool. Microsoft plans to integrate Immersive Reader to the Education Edition of Minecraft.

Literacy as a Service

Users will get the functionality to expand the text in boards, settings and character dialogue.

Immersive Reader also brings a dictation feature, you can simply highlight every single word for dictation. Microsoft is also enhancing user interest, as the tool adds Minecraft images for some words.

The company offers Immersive Reader as a service. That means that other applications will use an API to access the features.

The functionality will allow the app developers to integrate Immersive Reader with their custom built applications.

The integration will assist students to read the text included in the apps. Microsoft promised to extend the integration to Whiteboard and Forms.

Microsoft explains in a blog post that:

Immersive Reader is an Azure Cognitive Service for developers who want to embed inclusive capabilities into their apps for enhancing text reading and comprehension for users regardless of age or ability. No machine learning expertise required.

Immersive Reader in education apps

Moving further, brand new features for Teams for Education improve the usability of the platform. You can now use the “Share to Teams” button to share codes and corresponding material with others.

Educators use Minecraft: Education Edition due to its learning centric features including project-based lessons. Kids love playing games. Kids can play Minecraft and learn new skills that increase their cognitive abilities.

Immersive Reader tool helps young kids to read in-game text. The tool reads and translates text available in dialogue boxes and menus of games. 

Hence the integration of both tools will definitely improve the reading skills of young students. They will learn to read the text in a passive manner that will eventually reduce the burden of educators.



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