Windows 10 Creators Update to bring battery life improvements for your laptop

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Microsoft continues to test Windows 10 features meant to help improve the battery life of Windows PCs. The latest improvement to your Windows device’s battery life, which will come along with the Creators Update, will let you use an integrated slider to toggle between power settings.

The non-binary power saving functionality is part of the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15014. The new user interface is currently available only to the Fast Ring. Microsoft intends for the new power-saving setting to replace the binary toggle for the operating system’s power-saving mode. That means users must be able to smoothly slide between best battery life and best performance options instead of switching between two different power settings.

Dona Sarkar, software engineer of Windows and devices group at Microsoft, explained the new power slider:

“Some of our Windows PC OEM partners have asked for the ability to give people a number of options for how to ‘tune’ their PC for different scenarios. A person playing a game, for example, might be willing to have a few less FPS when on a long flight if it gets them more battery life – whereas the same person playing the same game, when near a power supply, may want top-end CPU performance to seek out every ounce of performance they can get. Please note – the slider does not actually set new power or performance configurations. It’s just the UI right now. We’ll be working with OEMs to determine the best settings for their customers, so that they can ship those on new Windows 10 PCs.”

Here’s what to expect from this new UI:

  • If you turn the slider all the way to the left (when on battery power), it will turn Battery Saver ‘on’ (similarly to how, if your PC does not show the slider, there is a ‘toggle’ that can turn on Battery Saver on or off).
  • None of the other slider positions – from “Recommended” through “Best Performance” – will affect performance or battery life at all in today’s Insider Preview build.

Microsoft plans to make the slider visible only to people for whom the slider actually provides different levels of performance and power savings.

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