In-App Purchases Doesn’t Work in Windows Apps, Users Complain

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Users started complaining that they’re unable to perform an in-app purchase in their Windows apps. It looks like the in-app purchase system is currently completely down, because this problem occurred on all Windows platforms, and in all apps.

“@GabeAul synchronizations purchases seems broken, I received a lot of mails users complaining their app are locked since today. Plz Fix asap”

Users originally blamed developers of certain Windows apps for this problem, but it turned out that it’s not developers’ fault, because the error affects all Windows Store apps. One of the developers reached Twitter, and explained that developers have nothing to do with this issue:

“This bug occurs on ALL Windows (phone, 8.1, 10, mobile, etc…) and with ALL apps, so please, don’t blame app developers, it’s not our fault”

These complaints are old more than 12 hours, at the time of writing this article, and we still didn’t find any positive feedback that the in-app purchases option is working again. We’re still not sure what’s going on, and Microsoft (again) still didn’t say a word about this issue.

But this is a really serious issue, and it even loses profit for both Microsoft and app developers, so we expect the company to come up with the solution as soon as possible.

As we said, the inability to perform in-app purchases could do a lot of damage to Microsoft, as the company just started its holiday sale, so users won’t be able to buy anything from the store. Users will also ‘suffer,’ as they favorite app or game deal may expire until the problem with in-app purchases is solved. So, we hope that Microsoft will either come up with the solution quickly, or it will extend the lasting of the current deals for some more time.

What’s your experience with broken in-app purchases feature in Windows app? Tell us in the comments.


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