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  • Inflact is a powerful Instagram growth assistant that can help you boost your profile.
  • This smart AI-assisted solution can also help your business in targeting the right audience.
  • The best feature of Inflact is the hashtag generator that automatically generates hashtags based on your keywords, photos or URLs.
  • Other automatic features include auto follow/unfollow and likes among other useful tools.

Marketing changed dramatically over the last decade and now you just can’t afford to ignore social networking platforms, including Instagram. And actually, with Inflact you could get that 6 figure sales on Instagram.

How? Inflact packs a lot of tools that not only target your present customers but also helps you attract new ones, connect with them, and basically reach more people with your content or products.

What Inflact can do for you and your business?

As its slogan clearly states, Inflact is a powerful Instagram growth assistant. And its main goal is to detect and attract potential clients by using AI targeting features.

You may know this tool as Ingrammer so if you can’t identify it for some reason, you should know that it rebranded itself as Inflact.

Let’s look closer at some of the features of Inflact so that you understand exactly what’s in store for you.

What are the most important Inflact functions?

Hashtag Generator

Hashtags are the motor behind Instagram and mastering the way to apply them is the whole point in growing your client base. Inflact comes with a powerful hashtag generator that does that for you.

This tool is unique in the market and will generate relevant hashtags by analyzing your photos, keywords, or links. You can also create a hashtag based on a keyphrase or up to 5 keywords.

That move will speed up search and create a more precise targeting. You just need to combine the several keys, separating them with commas. And the hashtag generator even has cross-language results.

The Inflact hashtag database has millions of hashtags but new ones are added every day with new and hot ones. That means that you will always be on board with the newest trends.

You will also benefit from a hashtag analytics tool that will help you view the content on a hashtag and evaluate competitors and an AI-powered Hashtag checker that suggests the best hashtags for your content.

Hashtag Generator will help you stay on top of your competition and it’s one of the best tools there is to boost your business because you will always have the best and most optimized hashtags to reach your clients.

This solution also comes packed with plenty of marketing tools that can boost your brand awareness and reach that includes direct messaging and chat for all accounts, follow-up auto-responses, and optimized search.

Automated Direct Messaging

It’s extremely important to not let your clients waiting but the Automated Direct Messaging feature from Inflact takes care of that, welcoming the visitor with a nice, warm hello.

Of course, you can change the welcoming message to your liking. This excellent CRM system allows you to chat online from an unlimited number of accounts and send Mass Direct Messages to your followers.

And that’s not all, the automated response can be triggered by phrases and shortcuts. For instance, you can set it to reply automatically when someone asks about a price or cost and set a reply for those particular keywords.

Based on your conversation with the client, you can add labels to each one to split them into different categories. So you can also set automated responses for different labels if you want.

It’s also very convenient to take down your client’s information like phone number, email, and address straight from the chat window.

That automation is translated into better communication with your clients and can save a lot of time for your agents.

Profile Analyzer

The Instagram Profile Analyzer is a tool powered by AI that runs a thorough analysis of an Instagram profile. The app will display 13 metric information data like the number of followers, engagement rate, user activity, and more.

This data will better help you understand your profile but, more importantly, your competition and watch their every move because you can also see their latest and most commented posts.

Depending on the complexity of the profile, the scanning can take up to 30 seconds. In our testing, scanning the Microsoft Instagram profile took about 10 seconds. And yes, you have unlimited profile search.

Instagram People Search

Although it may appear the same, User Search is very different from Profile Analyzer. In User Search, you can search for users by using keywords and a couple of filters for the number of followers, post, gender, and category.

So, for instance, you can find the influencers in every niche just by selecting the categories you are interested in and you can download certain or all the profiles on your devices.

And that’s how you can quickly and easily create a list with the most influential users in a niche you’re interested in. That can help you directly target only users that are meaningful for your product or service.

Using the User Search you can actually find the related products and services because many of the users directly represent the brands.

However, User Search is especially useful for finding potential clients and generate leads for your own products and services. And let us tell you a little secret: this service is free to use online.

Story Viewer

When you look at a Story from a profile, they can find out that you saw it so if you want to do that anonymously, you will have to create a fake profile.

Well, with Inflact, you don’t need to do that because you have Story Viewer, a free online web service that allows you to watch Instagram Stories without being detected.

You can view all the active Stories even if they blocked your account! Next, you can save the Stories to any of your devices with just one click and download them automatically.

However, the automatic downloading feature is not free. The Story Viewer can monitor up to 100 profiles and collect all their new stories into your Inflact profile.

The minimum price for this service is $3 for three profiles a month, but can also opt for the 10 profiles pack for $1 and a 3-day trial, then €8 a month, or the largest 100 profiles pack for $42 a month.

And the Story Viewer is extremely easy to use. Just type the username in the search bar, click on the Search button and you will be free to see the Stories.

Post Planner

The Inflact Post Planner can save you a lot of time each month and increase your business productivity. How? You can schedule all the media for the whole month in just 5 hours.

And that’s not for only one profile but for up to 10 accounts at once. And you can easily plan your Instagram posts and even Stories for all these profiles right from the unified dashboard.

And that’s not all, you can use an auto-updated description function and use the hashtag sets that you created with the hashtag generator to maximize your reach.

And you don’t need a special manual to plan your postings. The first step is to add the media (unlimited number of photos, videos, carousels, or stories). Next, you have to add hashtags from Hashtag Generator.

Now you only need to add the locations, set the time and save the post. That’s it! You’re done!

Other interesting Inflact features

Inflact has tons of other great features that can make a difference for you to grow your influence or help your business so let’s give them a look:

  • Smart unfollow – You don’t need to do mass unfollow for undesired profiles. You can choose the kind of accounts you want to unfollow by setting some criteria.
  • Auto Follow – This is a great tool to boost up your profile. You can target users based on follower count, hashtags, and more.
  • Auto Like – You can like posts based on certain criteria and that will draw attention to your profile.

What is the Inflact pricing?

Inflact has 4 package types calculated based on modules on a single account.

The Promo package has a minimum of 2 weeks subscription period for $37 and goes up to $144 for 3 months. It includes the automatic follow/unfollow and likes options.

The second module is called Direct and includes the module for sending bulk messages to your followers. You can get it as a separate package or you can add it to the promo package so you can get more features.

The Direct module is $19 for 2 weeks and up to $74 for 3 months. The third module is called Schedule Posting and contains the Instagram post scheduler that can help you plan your uploads.

This module goes for a minimum of $12 for 2 weeks and $46 for a period of 3 months. The last, and the most important module is the Hashtag Generator. This module costs $14 for 2 weeks and goes up to $42 for 3 months.

Check the link below to start growing your Instagram account and boost your profile.



Inflact is a great Instagram growth assistant that uses AI automatic tools that will boost your profile quickly.

Check priceVisit website

The bottom line is that Inflact can definitely help you boost your profile and your business with a ton of automated and smart AI tools that you won’t find otherwise.

You can start getting a 2 weeks modules account to test all these great features or start with a max three months deal, the choice is yours.

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