Instagram Live and disappearing videos coming soon to Windows 10

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Since August,  Instagram Stories has received a tremendous response from users in addition to Instagram Direct launched last year. These two features alone have boosted the user base of Instagram from 80 million to 300 million.

The company is still striving for greatness and announced they are working on a new feature that allows users to upload a Live video (much like Facebook) to their Stories tab or the Explore feed. This major feature will take a little more time before it goes live, whereas disappearing Video feature has just been rolled out globally.

To further enhance their Direct feature, Instagram is adding interactive aspects to the feature like stickers, the ability to draw, emojis, etc. to messages as well. As for the disappearing videos and messages, once sent, the user can view it once, replay it, even take a screenshot in which case you will receive a notification just like Snapchat.

The Live video feature on Instagram is a direct clone of Snapchat and it allows users to share live video with their followers and other people around the world. Moreover, there is also an option to send an immediate reaction/comment to the ongoing Live video:

“Live video on Instagram Stories helps you connect with your friends and followers right now. When you’re done, your live story disappears from the app so you can feel more comfortable sharing anything, anytime.”

To get started with making your very own Live Video, just swipe over to the left of your Instagram feed and select the “Live” option at the bottom of your screen. As expected, the video will disappear after 24 hours. Instagram has rolled out the Live feature to a handful of users at the moment and will be rolling it out to everyone on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 over the coming weeks.


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