Instagram now lets users upload photos taken with PC webcams

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If you are using the Instagram app on your PC running Windows 10, you can enjoy a great update which will allow you to use your webcam to post pictures to your account to share with family and friends.

Instagram update version 10.913.38071

The updated version is currently rolling out to the Windows Store and features upload options previously provided by the Instagram app limited to devices that featured rear-facing cameras. Now you will be able to share selfies and special moments regardless of what type of device you own as long as it features a webcam.

The updated features haven’t shown up for all users yet but besides posting pictures using your PC webcam, the updated version also offers preview links in direct messages and a brand new icon for the suggested people section in the app’s Profile.

In case you are not yet using the Instagram application on your machine running the Windows 10 operating system, you can download it from the Windows Store and you’ll be able to enjoy the updated version.

Instagram current flaws

Unfortunately, users detected a few flaws in the Instagram app. For instance, not being able to scroll to the next picture with your mouse or to click on the dots on the bottom of the picture when you have a post with more pictures.

Another issue is a weird bug regarding the share button: “a few days ago the share button appeared, and I posted from PC. Now it’s gone again. The only solution is to email files to myself, download them to my phone and then share from there.”

More users have been complaining about the app crashing, getting stuck and about posting and sharing issues. We hope that all these flaws will get fixed as soon as possible.



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