Netflix and Hulu UWP apps can be installed by Xbox Preview users

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A few weeks ago, both the Netflix and Hulu Universal Windows Apps were spotted in the Xbox Games Store. Now, they can be downloaded by Xbox Preview users running the latest build. Microsoft is determined to bringing as many Universal Windows apps to the Xbox Store in anticipation of the upcomig Xbox Summer system update that will allow developers to port their Windows 10 applications to Xbox One console.

Netflix was launched on August 29 1998 and later added film and television production along with online distribution. But it started in the DVD-by-mail business and only in 2007 did it introduce streaming media, continuing to provide its DVD and Blu-Ray rental service. In 2013, Netflix started airing TV series and debuted House of Cards. Two years later, the company invested a lot in creating original content, offering Netflix Originals through a online library of films and television. Currently, Netflix is available in over 190 countries and has over 83 million subscribers, of which 47 million live in the US.

Hulu was launched on 29 November 2007 first known as the Hulu Syndication Network. A year later, it was reorganized and re-launched as Hulu. In 2015, it started offering original television content with its first show being Casual. It only has 12 million subscribers concentrated mostly in Japan and the US. The Hulu application can be installed on computers, laptops, smartphones, but it’s also available on home video consoles, digital media players and other devices.

Now that Netflix and Hulu will become Universal Windows Apps, they will be used on Microsoft’s Xbox One console.



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