Windows 10 Patch Lets you Install 1511 November Update on Devices with Less Space

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Windows 10 1511 November Update came with a surprisingly big amount of issues, when it was released about a month ago. And one of these issues is the inability to install this update on devices with low storage. But unlike most of other issues caused by the Threshold 2 update, Microsoft actually found a solution for this one.

Namely, the company just released a new patch that allows users to install Windows 10 November Update on devices with ‘limited’ amount of memory, such as Windows 10 tablets.

Install Windows 10 November Update on Low-Space Devices with This Patch

If you previously tried to install the update on devices with low memory space, you noticed that process failed, and error saying “We found some issues. Select this message to fix and finish updating. Windows needs more space” showed up. By default, an option of choosing another hard drive, or attaching an external one was given as a ‘solution,’ but even after trying to install it on another drive, the error was still present.

But now, with the new fix, the amount of storage needed to install the 1511 November Update has been decreased by more than 2GB, so devices with 16GB or 32GB of storage should be able to install the latest major update for Windows 10.

“With the fix that we’ve released (KB3124260), Windows will better use external storage, making it much more likely that the install will continue once you select to use an external drive and hit the Refresh button,” Microsoft explains.

We also should point out to the fact that this patch is available only for devices already running Windows 10, so if you’re planning to upgrade from Windows 8.1/7 to the latest version of Windows 10, you might have problems.

Also, another important thing for all users who already got the low-space error when trying to install Threshold 2 before, is that you must clean temporary installation files in order to make this patch work. To clean temporary installation files, go to Search, type disk cleanup, and press Enter> click “Clean up system files,” and select “Temporary Windows installation files” from the list.

If you already installed the November Update, tell us in the comments, what do you think about it, and which issues it caused to you?


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