Intel’s 8th gen CPUs will deliver platform-wide enhancements

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Intel revealed the new family of 8th-gen Core processors that provides 40% more performance.

Keeping up with the tech industry innovation

On the official Intel website, the company begins the announcement by discussing the rapid pace at which the tech industry evolves bringing into discussion the ‘thinnest’ laptop from five years ago which was more than 20mm. Compared to that device, now laptops are less than 11mm, and VR has been included in the operating systems that people use every day.

With the news CPU, Intel plans on to change things, speeding up the evolution of computer performance.

Intel’s 8th-gen Core processors

Intel unveiled the Core X-series processor family earlier this year, which is a high-end desktop platform including the first consumer desktop CPU with 36 threads and 18 cores destined for users with massive multitasking loads.

Now, the company revealed the latest mainstream processor family, the 8th-gen of its Core line of processors. These new chips will deliver 40% better performance compared to the 7th-gen Kaby Lake processors.

The four 15W U-series (i7-8650U, i7-8550U, i5-8350U, i5-8250U) mobile processors are based on an updated version of the Kaby Lake architecture, and they’re built on the firm’s 14nm+ manufacturing process. The low-power ultrabook chips feature eight threads and four cores, and this is another breakthrough of the company. The top part has a base clock speed of 1.9GHz and a maximum clock speed of 4.2GHz when two cores are being used.

This is the first time in the Core line that the 8th-gen platform will span three different architectures. These desktop chips will be launched in the fall, and they will sport six cores, 12 thread processors built on a refined 14nm+ manufacturing process using the Coffee Lake core.

The 45W H-series mobile processors will be launched for performance laptops, and the 4.5W Y-series chips will come along with ultra-mobile devices. Some of these processors will be built on the new 10nm process, and they’ll use the next-gen Cannonlake architecture.

The first laptops running the new 8th-gen chips will arrive in September, and they’ll provide a huge performance boost compared to the previous ones.

You can check out the complex array of details about these processors on Intel’s official page here.



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