Intel to replace Kaby Lake with Coffee Lake architecture later this year

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Many are still getting used to Intel’s 7th generation Kaby Lake Core processor line. But while seeing Kaby Lake as the main processor for the day, we learned that Intel is on the brink of bringing out an even better solution for processor architecture.

According to Intel itself, there will be an 8th generation of Core processors deployed starting in the second half of the year, an announcement that came at an annual event held by Intel titled Investors Day. It is predicted that by switching from Kaby Lake to Coffee Lake, users will be able to record an overall increase in performance of no less than 15%.

That’s quite a lot, especially given the fact that many are skeptical another Core iteration would be able to top the accomplishments of Kaby Lake. In terms of differences and similarities, we know that Intel is planning on maintaining their 14nm pattern, which has been used for the past three generations.

Intel Coffee Lake processors

If you were to look for a 6 core CPU, you’d only be able to find one in the Extreme Edition or Xeon series. However, come Coffee Lake, Intel will have a fresh batch of i7 processors that will pack 6 cores. That is great news and will definitely put a smile on many faces. Aside from the 14nm frame, there is also a project called Cannon Lake which will see 10 nm chips made and distributed by Intel. However, there is no current information on when, where and for what these chips will be made available.

After a sturdy grip on the processor market, Intel will finally have some serious competition to deal with in 2017, thanks to AMD’s latest efforts. Intel’s rival will be releasing its own processor line called Ryzen and many believe that this is the year in which we might finally see a shift in power.



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