Internet Explorer 11 Users Complain About Printing Troubles in Windows 10

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Lately, we’ve seen several problems with Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1, such as freezing issues, troubles with the proxy servers or troubles for Zimbra owners. Now, it seems that some Windows 8.1 users are having printing troubles, as well. internet explorer 11 printing problem windows 8.1

I can not print any webpages using IE 11 (in the desktop mode). When I attempt to print I get the page number as a header at the upper right, the date at the lower left, and the URL at the bottom left that points to a local file in the userappdatalocalTemplow folder, instead of the webpage URL. If I use Chrome, all webpages print correctly.

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Windows Users Complain they Can’t Print Webpages in Internet Explorer 11

So, as we can see in the above excerpt, this Windows 8.1 user is complaining that he can’t print web pages from Internet Explorer 11 in desktop mode on his Windows 8.1 device. According to him, he only gets the page number and the URL, and this problem isn’t apparently happening with other browsers. Somebody has tried to run CCleaner to cleanup temporary files and the registry cleaner, and it seems that this has solved the problems. Here’s another possible solution suggest by a  Microsoft representative:

Method 1: Try printing a webpage running Internet Explorer as an Administrator.

Try printing a web page when running Internet Explorer as an Administrator; this can help determine if there is a permissions issue. Right click on Internet Explorer icon and select Run as an administrator. Make sure that you have signed in to your computer using an administrator user.

Method 2: Try printing after disabling Protected Mode

I would suggest you to follow the steps given under the section “To turn off Enhanced Protected Mode” of the link given below.

Managing add-ons in Internet Explorer

Let us know if this has done the job for you, in case you are having similar problems. If not, do leave your commentary, and we’ll try to look for a potential fix for this.

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