Internet Explorer 11 Freezes at Start, Many Windows 8.1, 10 Users Complain

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Internet Explorer-related problems seem to continue, after we have recently reported issues with proxy servers. Now, it seems that it freezes for quite a bunch of folks. Here’s what they’ve been saying.
internet explorer 11 freezes windows 8.1

IE11 in windows 8.1 freezes withnin 30 seconds of starting. all other browsers work just fine, please help!! internet explorer freezes up within 30 seconds of starting,( windows 8.1,) all other browsers work fine. this desk top is only 2 months old, problem has been there since new, dell techs don’t know what to do. I have tried everything suggested in on line searches. please help!!

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IE11 crashes right at start for many Windows 8.1 users

So, as we can see from this quote coming from the Microsoft community forums, a certain user is saying that his Internet Explorer 11 browser just freezes a few seconds after starting. He does mention that he’s running Windows 8.1 on a new desktop and that all of the other browsers are working alright. Here’s what he’s been suggested to try out in order to fix the problems:

Explorer’s ability to launch. Try starting IE with all add-ons disabled…. Open the Run box (Windows Key + R) enter iexplore.exe -extoff (there is one space before the (-) and click OK See if Internet Explorer starts without freezing in this “no add-ons mode” b) You might have a virus or other piece of malware. Run this (free) version of Malwarebytes to check for culprits. Malwarebytes works in conjunction with your antivirus program to sniff out the newer trojans, browser redirect viruses, etc.) Have used it myself and it works quite well to identify and quarantine the viruses…….. has no side effects that will harm your computer.

But this didn’t work, so here’s another possible fix that might work out if you’re in the same situation:

Task Manager > Under “Background Processes”, scroll down and see if there are any other instances of Internet Explorer running. If yes, click on each of them and click “End Task” > Then…….Open the Run box (Windows Key + R) > enter inetcpl.cpl and click OK > Click the “Advanced” (tab on top) > Click “Restore Advanced Settings” > Click “Reset” > when the next window opens, CHECK the box “Delete Personal Settings” > Click “Reset” (again) > Click APPLY > Click OK

However, he seems to be a very unlucky Windows 8.1 users as Internet Explorer 11 still seems to be crashing for him. And I’m sure that many others are in this situation. This has all the chances of escalating into a bigger problem, but we’ll be here to report with potential fixes, once the are made available.

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