Internet Explorer 11 is World’s No.1 Browser by Usage

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There’s an ongoing fight between all major browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. While Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has the advantage of being available by default, the company has long fought with old, insecure versions.
internet explorer 11 most used browser in the world
According to some recent data coming from market share researcher Net Application, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11 browser has become the world’s most used in the previous month. The above graph clearly shows that it has had a share of almost one quarter, with 24.05%, followed by Internet Explorer 8 with 17.31% and Internet Explorer 9 with a 8.68% share.

Firefox 32 is on the fourth place with 7.61%, followed by Chrome 38 with 6.75% and Chrome 37 with 6.30%. Internet Explorer 11 became the number one browser on the market at the expense of Internet Explorer 8, which has been the number 1 browser for years now. So finally it’s good to see a more modern version of Internet Explorer being the most popular.

Internet Explorer 11 improved its market share by almost 7 percent last month, growing from 17.13 percent in September 2014 to 24.05 percent in October 2014. This probably happened also thanks to the increased adoption of Windows 8.1, where it is the default browser. But it has recently been made available for download for Windows 7 users, as well.

But Internet Explorer 12 is already in the works, and the upcoming release of Windows 10 is said to make it available to desktop, tablet and hybrid users, as well. One of the most expected features is the release of Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana.

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