Internet Explorer Lets Windows 10 Users Flag Pages that Don’t Render Properly

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Windows 10 comes with a ton of goodies and one of them seem to be related to the functionality of the Internet Explorer browser. It could be Internet Explorer 12 that will allow Windows 10 users to send feedback on webpages with problems.
internet explorer windows 10 feedback
What you’re seeing above is the latest version of Internet Explorer in Windows 10, showcasing a brand new feature. As it turns out, users will be able to send feedback on web pages that they are accessing in case if there are rendering problems.

Windows 10 Internet Explorer users can send feedback on how well the browser is rendering pages

Thus, you will be able to send a smile by choosing from the top right menu or by pressing Alt+J key combination. If there are issues with the page, you can send a frown by pressing Alt+K or by choosing it with your mouse. There’s also an option to reload the page in compatibility mode, after you have sent the feedback.

Most likely, this feature will be available only to members of the Windows Insider program and will be used for the building of Internet Explorer 12. Have you got a chance to try it out yet?

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