iXplain is a Cool Windows 8 Screencasting App Which Records your Voice and Pen

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There are quite a few screencasting apps on the Windows Store, but one of my favorite ones is iXplain, a new screencasting application that lets you record your voice and pen.
ixplain screencasting windows 8.1
The new iXplain utility on the Windows Store is a screencasting app for recording a lesson or to explain something. You can use it to record your voice and pen, and you can even use images to annotate on them. Also, the app creates a mp4 video file which can be easily shared through email, upload to Facebook, YouTube or other social media. How cool is that, right? Let’s have a look at some other features.

iXplain is one awesome screencasting app for Windows 8

ixplain screencasting windows 8

It’s really cool that iXplain allows you to record your voice and pen drawings at the same time, which is a really neat feature and one that will help those who want to teach things remotely. Also, iXplain can import images and export recordings to video files in the mp4 format. The app is available in the following languages – English (United States), Japanese, Japanese (Japan), Italian, Italian (Italy), Dutch, Dutch (Netherlands), Turkish, Turkish (Turkey).

Here’s a quick recap of its main features and how the app itself will work

  • Drawing and explaining at the same time is an easy way to explain a difficult topic
  • The drawing area contains image list. When adding an image to the list, one can zoom in and move the image
  • When the recording is finished, you can playback the recording. You can export the recording to a video file
  • The recording can be exported to a video file in mp4 format. You can choose the resolution and your own folder
  • A base recording has more options and menu’s. You can use slides and there is a timeline menu
  • The command pallet can be adjusted. You can position it on the left or right side.
  • When you select a video in the start page, you can share it through the Share Charm.

Download iXplain for Windows 8


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