STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition for Xbox X/S is out

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • The Jedi Fallen Order Deluxe Edition, enhanced for Xbox Series X/S is now available.
  • Players who desire this version, can go ahead and purchase it from the Microsoft store.
  • Along with the game, users will receive quite a few goodies upon buying the package.
  • The extra content ranges from skins to behind-the-scenes clips of how the game was made.
Jedi Fallen Order Deluxe Edition

Are you ready for some more good news, dear Xbox user? One of your favorite games has now been optimized to suit your gaming needs for 2021.

So, prepare to brave the endless perils of the deeps space with even more accessories at your disposal, far more than you had before.

Series X/S optimization for Jedi Fallen Order Deluxe Edition

Social media has been singing about it all day long, and rightfully so, considering the astounding number of Star Wars fans out there.

The main news is that the Deluxe Edition for the STAR WARS: Jedi Fallen Order game has now been optimized to perform at Xbox Series X/S standards.

Nobody’s saying that the game wasn’t already a masterpiece, but just imagine an enhanced version of this blockbuster action-adventure game.

For those interested, head on over to the Microsoft Store and make your wishes come true, with this new product.

What will I get extra with the Deluxe Edition?

Because the cold space is a though environment, which will discourage even the toughest explorers, the Deluxe Edition for Jedi Fallen Order will equip players with a little extra gear.

Here are the extra goodies you will get upon purchasing this edition of the game:

  • Orange Lightsaber blade color
  • Bee D-1 skin
  • Mygeeto Campaign Lightsaber hilt
  • Umbaran Campaign Lightsaber hilt
  • Gold Squadron Stinger Mantis skin
  • Crimson BD-1 skin
  • Crimson Mantis skin
  • Digital artbook
  • “Director’s Cut” behind the scenes videos.

Get STAR WARS: Jedi Fallen Order Deluxe Edition for Xbox Series X/S

What do you think about this bundle, available with purchasing STAR WARS: Jedi Fallen Order Deluxe Edition? Let us know in the comments section below.

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