Just Dance 2017 bugs: controller doesn’t work, game won’t load and more

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Just Dance 2017 is synonym to tons of fun! Gather your friends and family around and dance till you drop. Just Dance 2017 brings over 40 new tracks, 6 games modes, while the Just Dance Unlimited subscription service lets you listen to an infinite number of songs.

Just Dance 2017 also brings issues of its own, preventing users from enjoying the new songs. The bad news is that since the game was just launched, there aren’t many workarounds available to fix these bugs.

Just Dance 2017 reported issues

Mobile controller doesn’t work

If you play Just Dance 2017 on your Windows PC, you need to use your Android or iOS phone as a controller. However, sometimes the controller is unresponsive. The game developer who replied to this Steam thread wasn’t able to offer a solution, and advised users who experience this bug to contact their tech support.

Problem whit controller
So yeah the same problem as anyone ells whit the controller does not work i even got a new phone like some people say

If you encounter controller issue while playing Just Dance 2017, take a phone with bigger screen or a terminal with a resolution above 800×480 pixels. Apparently, small resolution phones can’t be used as controllers.

Update: Ok everyone, i had solved the issue, i tried with my friend phone with bigger screen or phone with screen resolution above 800×480 and it works fine and btw his Android OS is same like me that is Kitkat 4.4.2, so it’s all about your phone screen resolution, not OS or your PC/Laptop issue, finally I know how to fix this issue, If you have phone with small resolution, I think you have to upgrade with bigger screen one hehehhe or we have to tell the app developer to fix this issue.

Game disconnects

Just Dance 2017 players also complain the game often disconnects. Although gamers didn’t offer additional details on this issue, it appears that only a small number of players are affected by this bug.

Game won’t launch

According to gamers, there are two error messages that appears when the game fails to launch “Uplay game launcher stopped working” or “JD2017.exe has stopped working“. Reinstalling the game doesn’t solve the issue. For the time being, there is no workaround available to fix this bug.

Everytime that I start the game, instead of launching normally it pops up a white window and the error “JD2017.exe has stopped working”. I’ve already tried a lot of things, but I can’t find a way to run the game. Can anyone help me?

Black screen when exiting the game

Windows PC users also report that a black screen often appears when they exit Just Dance 2017. Gamers also report they need to reboot their PCs to regain access to their machines.

The game gives me a black screen whenever I exit the game. Control+Alt+Delete doesn’t work, neither does Alt+Tab, leaving me with no choice but to reboot. Could someone look into this? I have the latest drivers for everything (also, Nvidia drivers from 28-10).

Just Dance Unlimited takes forever to load

The loading process appears to freeze at a given moment, and it actually never finishes loading. Unfortunately, there are no workarounds available to fix this bug.

Like I’m playing JDU songs and then it takes too long to load. It never finishes loading. Is this problem affecting someone and how you fix this?

These are the most frequent Just Dance 2017 bugs reported by gamers. As you can see, for the majority of these issues, there are no workarounds available. If you’ve come across a fix that could solve some of these bugs, feel free to list the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below.


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