Just out: Microsoft launches the new Windows 11 Your Phone app

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Microsoft’s Your Phone app is in place to bridge the gap between Android and Windows 11 devices.
  • Your Phone app allows users to project the user interface on their phone to the desktop’s screen.
  • Apps launch while maximized by default when in tablet posture on small devices.

There are plans underway by Microsoft to ensure that Windows 11 is able to support Android applications on the Microsoft Store. However, Microsoft has been awfully quiet as far as Your Phone is concerned. 

New release

The long wait is now over! Microsoft is finally launching a new Your Phone boasting a fresh aesthetic. The company highlights the unique user experience as the application adopts the beauty of Windows 11 design that fosters a seamless experience on your device. 

It is worth noting that the new Your Phone for Windows 11 application is available for Windows Insiders. It has received a feature that allows it to fit into the Flow theme on WIndows 11. 

Some of the other changes include the location of notification and messages, which will be displayed on the sidebar. It will also display most of the Android phone’s wallpaper. It also comes with tabs for Calls, Apps, Photos and Messages. 

If you are not well conversant with the Your Phone app, its main purpose is to bridge Android devices and Windows 11 PC. It gives you the ability to project your phone’s interface on your desktop. 

The app also comes with a wide array of features such as sending messages and making calls. You can also access files on your Android devices directly on your Windows 11 device. 

The application is part of Windows 11 preview build 22504. It is readily available on the Dev Channel. 

Users should also expect further changes on this particular build. You can also be able to personalize your Windows text input experience. They have further expanded the 13 themes for the touch keyboard. It can also be applied to other input experiences such as IMEs, the emoji panel and voice typing. 

New features

The theme engine is also available for all themed experiences, it allows you to create a fully customized theme including background images. 

They have also included the feature that allows users to personalized combinations of emoji based on face and skin tones of family members, couples with hearts and people kissing. Try it out by opening the emoji panel and typing the following in your search box: family, kissing or holding hands. 

You can use the following keyboard shortcut to toggle the new mule icon in the Taskbar when it is showing: Windows + Alt + K keys.

They are also making emoji search in Polish and Portuguese more flexible by incorporating keywords with diacritics.  They will also be introducing the NET Framework runtime. 

You should also note that apps will now launch maximized by default when in the tablet posture on small devices. That is 11-inch screens diagonal and under.

Apps will now launch maximized by default when in the tablet posture on small devices (11-inch screens diagonal and under).”

Which feature excites you most about the new Your Phone app? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.