Ubisoft’s ‘Just Sing’ coming to Xbox One on September 6

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We haven’t seen a lot of music games ever since the beginning of the current generation of consoles. These titles were big in the days of the Xbox and Xbox 360, but only a few were released on the Xbox One since 2013.

Ubisoft is on the verge of changing this with the announcement of Just Sing for the Xbox One. It’s a new karaoke title set to hit store shelves come September 6, 2016. The game will feature 45 well-known songs, so get ready to sing along and have a merry good time.

We understand players will have the option of recording their own voice or lip sync their way through a song. Players can also use their smartphone as a mic or camera, but they will need to download Just Sing’s companion app for iOS and Android.

Yes, there’s no Windows 10 Mobile version of this app, and chances are, there might never be one in the future, so don’t hold out for it.

Here’s the game’s full description:

Music videos will be captured through the free Just Sing Companion App for iOS and Android [iOS 8.0+, Android 4.3+ recommended] or via Kinect for Xbox One or PlayStation Camera. To use the Just Sing Companion App, players just connect their smartphones and console to the same Wi-Fi network and they’ll be ready to belt their hearts out.

Just sing or lip sync and easily create memorable videos with up to 3 friends by changing themes and filters as you perform. Save your video locally to keep track of the fun or share it with your friends or the Just Sing community!

From the trailer below, the game looks fun, but seeing as we lack the skill of singing properly, we’re not even going to attempt it.

Want more games from Ubisoft? The company has released its Uno card game for Xbox One and PC.



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