KAZAM Reveals Plans for Windows 10 Smartphones

by Ivan Jenic
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As Windows 10 gets close to its final release on July 29th, companies are revealing their plans about releasing Windows 10 devices to the market. KAZAM’s chief marketing officer, James Atkins said that this company is also planning to deliver some new Windows 10 handsets.
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Although the PC version of Windows 10 comes before the mobile version, the British smartphone manufacturer KAZAM confirmed its plans for releasing a couple of Windows 10-powered phones, later this year. KAZAM signed an ‘important partnership’ with Microsoft, and as Atkins said, producing new Windows 10 smartphones is a big part of that partnership.

But, although the UK-based company revealed its plans about releasing new devices, they didn’t reveal any precise details about names or specifications of these smartphones, so only thing we know for now is that there will be some KAZAM Windows 10 phones by the end of 2015.

Even though KAZAM has plans for Windows 10 Mobile devices, the company said that its main focus is still on Android devices, because they’re still a small company with limited resources, but they’ll work hard to deliver as quality Windows handsets, as possible.

“To replicate our proposition on Windows Phone is tricky because everything is built for Android. We are working with [Microsoft] to get our proposition on Windows Phone. It is tricky but they are working with us to deliver it because, I think, they believe in our proposition as well.”

It is good to see more companies having interest in making Windows Phone devices, because, as reports said, Microsoft’s share in mobile operating systems market has grown, and it will continue to grow, and having a bigger variety of companies releasing Windows handsets is definitely a good thing for Microsoft and its operating system.

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