KB3193821 is now available, replaces KB3185611 for Windows 10 1507

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Microsoft has finally fixed the update transmission issues that prevented users from installing the latest Patch Tuesday package on their computers. The company pushed KB3193494 to replace the cumulative KB3189866 plagued by install bugs. A second update, KB3193821, has also been rolled out, this time replacing Windows 10 KB3185611.

Microsoft apologized for the inconvenience caused by the install problems, and explained that the culprit was a network transmission issue.

We encountered a network transmission issue with update KB3185611 published on September 13, 2016, and the quickest way to address this issue was to reissue the update to all Content Delivery Networks. This new update KB3193821 has the same set of fixes as KB3185611. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

You can now install update KB3193821 for Windows 10 1507 (July 2015 release) and finally get the content of the initial KB3185611 update on your computer. There is no difference between the two updates in terms of the fixes and improvements they bring. To install the KB3193821 update, go to the Settings app > Updates & security, and check for updates.

Windows 10 KB3193821 includes the following improvements and security fixes:

  • Improved reliability of Internet Explorer 11, .NET Framework, and Windows Kernel.
  • Addressed issue causing print jobs to not complete, when printing multiple documents in succession.
  • Addressed issue where recovery of encryption certificates for a virtual smartcard doesn’t work.
  • Addressed issue preventing many built-in groups (such as Hyper-V administrators) from being created during setup of new devices using Windows 10 Enterprise.
  • Improved support for the Group Policy setting for signing in using a PIN.
  • Addressed issue causing links to webpages to display blank pages when Enhanced Protected Mode is enabled in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Addressed issue causing “Print all linked documents” to not work in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Improved support for networks by adding new entries to the Access Point Name (APN) database.
  • Removed the Copy Protection option when ripping CDs in Windows Media Audio (WMA) format from Windows Media Player.
  • Addressed additional issues with Internet Explorer 11, Windows Installer, Shell, Windows Media Player, revised daylight saving time, and Windows Update for Business.
  • Security updates to Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Windows kernel, OLE automation, Windows lock screen, Windows Secure Kernel Mode, Windows SMB Server v1.0, Microsoft Graphics Component, and PDF.



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