Download Windows 8.1 security updates KB4284815, KB4284878

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Windows 8.1 KB4284815 KB4284878

There are still many Windows 8.1 users out there, and Microsoft takes good care of them. June Patch Tuesday brought two security updates to the OS, namely KB4284815 and KB4284878. Let’s take a look and see what fixes and improvements these two patches bring.

Update KB4284878 adds new security updates to Windows apps, remote code execution, Windows Server, Windows storage and filesystems, and Windows wireless networking. Microsoft has yet to detail what are the specific security improvements that these patches bring.

Monthly rollup KB4284815 features a few more improvements that we’ll list below:

  • This patch fixes the firmware update issues that cause devices to go into BitLocker recovery mode when BitLocker is enabled, but Secure Boot is disabled or not present. More specifically, KB4284815 simply blocks firmware installation on these devices. However, admins can still update the system by temporarily suspending BitLocker.
  • Permits a band-capable disk that has only one partition, and it is an MSR partition, to convert to a dynamic disk.
  • Internet Explorer cookie limit has been increased from 50 to better align with industry standards.
  • Internet Explorer geolocation has been improved.
  • Security updates to Internet Explorer, Windows apps, remote code execution, Windows Server, Windows storage and filesystems, and Windows wireless networking.

Download KB4284815, KB4284878

You can automatically install KB4284815, KB4284878 via Windows Update or download the stand-alone update packages from Microsoft’s Update Catalog website.

Read more about these two updates on Microsoft’s Support pages:

Microsoft is not aware of any issues regarding these two updates. If you installed them, and you encountered any bugs, let us know in the comments below.


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