KB4497934 revives deleted Word and Notepad files

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KB4497934 issues

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Windows 10 users keep on sending reports about the issues triggered by Cumulative Update KB4497934  for Windows 10 version 1809 for x64-based systems.

This time around, the reports are related to Notepad and Microsoft Word.

(1) 40 or so icons had appeared on my desktop – at least 50% of these were for old notes made on Notepad.
(2) four Word documents, included my template Word (I’d changed the font & font size four days ago) had been auto-recovered and I had to decide which ones to keep.

As you can see, the problem involves old Notepad files and the accidental auto-recovery of a few Word documents. Somehow, the update managed to bring these deleted files back.

The user didn’t come up with any other details, such as when he deleted the documents, what Word version he has or what laptop he is using.

All we know is that the icons on the desktop appeared after restarting the computer.

The problem remains unsolved, and until now, nobody came with an explanation or a solution for the issue.

Most likely, the OP simply deleted the respective files but didn’t not clean up the Recycle Bin. So, chances are that KB4497934 simply restored the files from the bin.

However, this is only a hypothesis as the OP didn’t mention such details in his original message.

Have you encountered the same problem or any other issue with this Windows update?

Let us know in the comment section below.



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